RV Camping Special: More on “Advanced” Camping for Big Rigs

July 29, 2011
Is this your rig’s next stop?

Is this your rig’s next stop?
Photo by: Ginger Garvey (Stock Exchange)

In last week’s AllCampgrounds blog, we introduced “boondocking,” low-cost camping opportunities for RVers. This time we’ll be looking at a few more unusual RV camping opportunities that even the pros might not know about. There’s always something new to do with your RV, and at AllCampgrounds, our goal is to keep camping fun for everyone. So let’s check out some specialty RV camping opportunities you won’t hear about anywhere else. All aboard for RV parks and campgrounds!


There are plenty of RV parks and campgrounds around major race tracks associated with NASCAR. If you love these high stakes, high speed races, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding places to park your rig for a few days or even longer. For a prime example, drop by International RV Park and Campground of Daytona Beach. As the name suggests, this camp plays host to guests from all around the U.S. and the world for race season. It includes extended amenities: full hook up, pool, and full bath and shower.

NASCAR RV camping is still unknown to lots of folks, but it’s popular enough to warrant its own internet hub site, appropriately titled NASCAR Camping. RV campers use the site as a social tool to get together, plan trips, keep an eye on the race schedule, and more. Camping and NASCAR info combine in the site, with everything from different RV parks to visit to information on getting tickets. Each and every major speedway has its own page for easy reference. Sizzling stuff if you love NASCAR!

Running an RV, you can pretty much head wherever you want. While there are a lot of terrific RV parks and campgrounds all around America, there’s no reason why beach fans can’t enjoy their favorite natural habitat from their RV. Plenty of RV parks are tucked out of the way … you can find them on islands and around high quality beaches.

One example comes in the form of Island RV Park out on Clear Lake, about two hours from San Francisco. There’s also Island RV Resort, billing itself as “The Premier Texas Gulf of Mexico RV Destination!” Are you down the other way? Island on the Chain, just north of the city of Chicago, features all seasonal waterfront sites. No matter whereabouts they are, island RV camps tend to be a little less hectic and a little more personal than your average park that’s just off the highway.

Maybe islands aren’t your thing, but you’d still like to roll down to the beach while the getting is good. Plenty of famous beach country is dotted with premier RV parks. You can check out some of our recent posts over the summer to get a few ideas. The AllCampgrounds favorite? I wouldn’t mind trying out Malibu Beach RV Resort for its cliff-side views of the Pacific Ocean, though word on the street is that the campground rules are pretty strict. All beach side RV resorts tend to have more rules than those in less fragile environments, but not all camp grounds enforce them the same way.

That’s it for today’s AllCampgrounds. See you next time – on the road and at the blog!

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