AllCampgrounds’ Summer Special: More on Winter Camping Where it’s Warm

September 2, 2011
Spanish coast by moonlight

Spanish coast by moonlight
Photo by: Mehdi Lebbadi (Stock Exchange)

Here at AllCampgrounds, we usually stick to exploring the awesome tent camping and RV lifestyle opportunities here in North America, and we love the national park system.

But here we are, with the peak of summer behind us, in September: the month when some of the nation’s major parks and camp grounds will start to scale back or shut down.

In many places, it gets too cold to camp in winter.

So, what’s a savvy tent camping enthusiast to do?

Every once in a while, it’s a good time to explore camping overseas: and that’s how we’ll spend today’s visit, with more on warm weather camping abroad.

When we opened this series a couple posts ago, I talked a little bit about Morocco and Spain. This time, we’ll dig in deeper to the selection of over a thousand campsites that Spain has to offer. With plenty of sun-soaked coastline, you can find beachside, plain, and even mountainous camping environments to enjoy. It also draws tourists from Spain, Great Britain, and as far away as Scandinavia, so if you enjoy culture, you’re bound to meet plenty of interesting people during a Spanish camping excursion.

Here are some resources to get started …

Eurocamping Guide to Spanish Campsites: Eurocamping is a hub site to display camp grounds approved by ACSI, which bills itself as “Europe’s leading camp ground specialist.” They offer camping holidays in Spain, so take their recommendations with a grain of salt! That said, there’s a lot of information and, frequently, pictures for each of the featured camp grounds. This is also the only site we found that can sort Spain’s campsites and find you ones with wheelchair and other disability-friendly access features.

Alan Rogers Campsite Guide to Spain: Another travel company, Alan Rogers provides a strong general overview of the Spanish camping scene as well as a more versatile search function than most other sites. You can sort camp grounds by features like pet-friendliness, spa, eco-tourism, and others. Their printed guide to camp grounds in Spain and Portugal is about $15, but you can learn a lot about grounds in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Malaga from the complimentary portions of the site.

Motorhome and Caravanning in Spain: What AllCampgrounds post would be complete without at least a little bit for our RVing friends? A part of “Spain and Portugal for Visitors,” this is a comprehensive site with a lot of information. For our purposes, though, this list of vetted, high quality links for RVers is probably the most interesting. This will save you a lot of searching for the best sites and help give you an idea of where to find RV-friendly zones and what to expect from them.

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