AllCampgrounds: Some Big News for RV Campers in September!

September 16, 2011
Pinhoti Trail Marker at Talladega National Forest

Pinhoti Trail Marker at Talladega National Forest
Photo by: Jonathan Kendrick (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds, camping fans and nature lovers!

In today’s special post, we’re going to explore some news for RV campers.

When it comes to RVing, the community is just as good at moving fast as it is at taking its own pace, and there are a lot of exciting events, ideas, and RV camping opportunities out there that we’d like to share with you!

More tent camping and great ideas about fun in the outdoors in next week’s post.

For now, let’s join the convoy and roll on!

Talladega Superspeedway Lands a Title Sponsor for its Fall Race: Not too long ago, we discussed the folks who combine RV camping with a love of NASCAR to create an awesome group excursion that follows the sport around the country. Some RVers have been doing it for years, and the camaraderie and excitement is contagious. Well, now, one of RV camping’s most trusted organizations is getting in on the act. Good Sam Club, a terrific RV owners’ organization that provides discounts at selected RV campgrounds, has taken on the Talladega 500; now known as the Good Sam Club 500. Check out their site if you’re not familiar with Good Sam’s offerings for RVers. Congratulations, Sam!

Caravan That Transforms into a Boat: It may not be quite as large as an RV by U.S. standards, but the new “Sealander” now being manufactured in Germany is an intriguing concept. Combining the functionalities of a camping trailer and a boat, this mighty little “caravan” includes on-board facilities for sleeping, eating, and washing. It’s your home away from home while at camp, and when it reaches the water, it transforms into a totally functional motorized sea craft. You do have to tow it from place to place on the back of another vehicle, but for a first design, it really shows some promise!

DISH Launches “Tailgater,” a Robotic Mobile Satellite TV Antenna: RV campers have always faced a somewhat mixed bag when it comes to television service. While more and more RV parks and campgrounds are offering free wireless internet, the best place to get a good TV reception has traditionally been the camp clubhouse. Now, DISH Network plans to change all that with the brand new “Tailgater.” “As long as there’s a line of sight between the Tailgater and the southern sky,” you’re all set; the dish itself remains safely protected from the elements and swivels to lock on to the signal no matter where you are. At $350, it’s also much cheaper than competing models that can run nearly $1,000 each.

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