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September 30, 2011
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Autumn is another beautiful time for camping!

Autumn is another beautiful time for camping!
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The sweltering heat of the summer is over just about everywhere, but it’s not quite winter yet.

At AllCampgrounds that means it’s time to look at some of the best autumn camping opportunities.

Plus, this is the start of a new month, which means it’s also time for us to pop through the latest camping headlines and share the best in news for tent camping and RVing.

Let’s hit the trail and see what we can find this week.

Camping or Hiking? Stay Warm and Dry with the Right Stuff: Just as it’s important to stay hydrated and breathable in the hot weather, it’s equally important to keep warm and dry when it gets cooler out. This recent piece from the Edmonton Journal in Alberta, Canada, will help you get prepared for your outdoor adventures in the fall. Some of the brands may be a bit, well, foreign to Americans, but the basic tips are great. Stick with waterproof clothes, down lining, and lightweight, all-season tents for fall.

Rec and Roll: Autumn Camping: The Brighton Patch, an online publication out of Michigan, wants you to know that now is one of the best times of the whole year to enjoy the tent camping opportunities in the area. Bugs are on the downlow throughout this season, and cool morning temperatures mean less discomfort and a much lower likelihood of sunburn. Click through to find out about some of the great camp grounds Michigan has to offer, including spots all around the Brighton Recreation Area and local favorites like the Crooked Lake Rustic Campground in picturesque Pickney.

Bubble Hotel Offers High-Style Camping in France: If you’ve been perusing our posts lately, you probably caught the special feature from a few weeks ago where we discussed how great it can be to add some stargazing to your tent camping trip on a clear night. Well, the French have taken the idea a step further with the unique “bubble hotel” that allows campers – even those just outside Paris – to see the stars through the transparent roof of their “cocoon with a view.” Seeing is believing, so check out this Huffington Post article for a video and a taste of the most glamorous camping option France has to offer.

Michigan’s First Time Campers Program Makes it a Breeze: Back to Michigan for a peek at this great program that helps first-time campers see what they’re missing out in the great outdoors. It’s the third year of the program, which serves about 150 families per year participating in a mini-vacation: $20 holds your camp grounds for two nights, and the program supplies all your needs: tent, stove, lanterns, lights, firewood, an air mattress and a lawn chair. Thanks to the free gift certificate to Gardner Mountain Sports, the end cost to visitors is zero – so there’s nothing at all to lose. And you don’t even have to be a total newcomer to camping: anyone who hasn’t camped in Michigan qualifies.

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