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December 24, 2008

Canine Camping

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Taking your dog campingDogs have become a fixture in the lives of people around the world. Dogs often serve as partners, companions and protectors, and more and more people are taking their dogs with them when they travel. Camping is a very dog-friendly activity, although it can be a bit more difficult to spend time in the wilderness with your four-legged friend.

A camping adventure with your dog does not have to be a complex operation. You only need to make sure you pack a collar, lead, food and water bowl for your furry friend. As long as your dog is housebroken and won’t potty in your tent, there’s no need to worry about special housing overnight.

Safety is paramount what camping with your dog, so make sure that he is on lead at all times and never out of your sight. Predators such as bears and mountain lions will prey on dogs if left alone, so keep an eye out for bear tracks or lion dens on the trail. Keeping your dog on lead also helps to keep him from disturbing the natural environment and avoids destroying the habitat of the local creatures. It is illegal in many states to allow your dog to harass or injure local creatures, so be vigilant.

Clean up after your pooch throughout your trip. It’s only common courtesy to pick up any potty spots so that other campers don’t step in it. Also, keep you pet’s food and water picked up if he’s not eating it, so that it does not attract wildlife. Take along a garbage bag or two to clean up after yourselves and a small cooler to keep your dog’s food fresh and keep the scent from attracting other animals.

A number of companies have latched onto the idea of camping with your dog, producing a number of supplies specifically geared towards camping pooches. Doggie backpacks allow your pooch to carry his own supplies, and boots can help keep his feet free from sharp rocks on the trail.

Camping with your dog can be a very enlightening, relaxing and rewarding experience, as long as you plan ahead. Pack only the essentials, travel lightly, and leave the wilderness just wild as it was when you entered.

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