AllCampgrounds Nature-Watching Series: Where to Find Buffalo

June 17, 2010
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This buffalo is ready for his close-up

This buffalo is ready for his close-up
Photo by: Gabriela Pernecka (Stock Exchange)

One of the most iconic scenes of the American prairie is of the herd of buffalo, some of the most striking and powerful animals out of our shared heritage.

Buffalo, also known as American bison, are the largest land animals in North America and are exclusive to this continent.

In the Old West, the buffalo meant survival to frontier settlers; and as time went on, these giant creatures were nearly hunted to extinction for their meat and hide.

Luckily, the buffalo is one of nature’s great success stories, with a little help from concerned naturalists.

Today, there are camp grounds throughout the Midwest that offer prime opportunities to see the American bison live and in person. Let’s visit a few now. (more…)