National Park Spotlight: Top Federal Lands in Nebraska

August 6, 2010
Chimney Rock, Nebraska

Chimney Rock, Nebraska
Photo by: Gregory Runyan (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, campers!

AllCampgrounds is taking it to the next level today, looking at some of the best and brightest in national parks, monuments, trails, and rivers throughout Nebraska.

Being right at the heart of the journey for tens of thousands of pioneers and homesteaders in America’s wild frontier history, Nebraska is filled with historic trails and other signs of those thrilling, but dangerous adventures.

Not all campsites are convenient to these landmarks, and not all of them offer overnight options – so we’ve decided to delve a little deeper and give you as many different sites to check out as we can. As we know, there are always camp grounds somewhere, and finding ‘em is worth it! (more…)

National Park Spotlight: Camping Near Mount Rushmore

June 3, 2010
Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore
Photo by: Jaclyn Twidwell (Stock Exchange)

Thanks for dropping by AllCampgrounds! For years now, Mount Rushmore National Park has been the host of one of the greatest Fourth of July fireworks displays anywhere in the United States. And though that particular display is in doubt for 2010, there’s still no better place I can think of to spend the nation’s birthday than under the gaze of some of its most accomplished presidents, the man-made sculptural marvel that “put Rushmore on the map” and draws people to its amazing surroundings. Let’s talk Mount Rushmore! (more…)

National Park Spotlight: Great Smoky Mountains National Park

May 18, 2010
View of the Smoky Mountains from Tennessee

View of the Smoky Mountains from Tennessee
Photo by: Rene Kelley (Stock Exchange)

Good day!

Today’s AllCampgrounds blog will introduce our new National Park Spotlight feature as we move into the Great Smoky Mountains.

Around here, we think it’s pretty great that some of the most majestic natural features in the U.S. are on protected land for everyone to enjoy, so we’d like to highlight some of the best national parks.

And where better to begin than the state we’ve been touring lately, Tennessee? (more…)