Keeping Your Camp Grounds Clean and Pristine

April 22, 2010
Safety in numbers?

Safety in numbers?
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Welcome, one and all, to the AllCampgrounds.com blog! Today we’ll be talking about one of the most important parts of getting by at all campsites: managing your presence.

We’ll look at a few of the keys to making sure you and your fellow campers leave nature as you found it.

Consider this a review for old hands and a great way for newcomers to camping to learn the ropes. (more…)

The Beginners Guide to Setting Up a Campsite

January 30, 2009

Tent Camping
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Once upon a time the most important advice a camper could adhere to was don’t pitch your tent facing into the wind, and dig a trench to avoid flooding. While it is still a good idea not to pitch your tent into the wind, digging holes or trenches could get you thrown out of some campgrounds today. So what can you do to ensure a safe and comfortable campsite?

Choosing a Spot to Set Up Your Tent

1.  Make sure you arrive at the site before dark. You want to be able to check the area before you set up your tent.
2.  Look for a flat area that is not at the bottom of a slope. What’s wrong with a slope? If it rains the water may run down the slope and flood your tent.
3.  Avoid setting up to close to a stream or river, or even a lake if there is a chance of flash flooding.
4.  Look for animal tracks. A large number of wild animal tracks in one area probably mean the animals use it frequently as a pathway. You don’t want any critters traipsing through your tent in the middle of the night.
5.  Look for broken glass and trash as well as rocks and sharp branches. Unfortunately not all campers clean up after themselves.
6.  Check for anthills and wasps nests.
7.  Try to find a spot that is in the shade, but not directly under a tree.