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July 29, 2010

AllCampgrounds Outdoor Adventures: Your First Rafting Trip

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Whitewater rafting fun in Alberta

Whitewater rafting fun in Alberta
Photo by: Jeff Mackay (Stock Exchange)

Last time on AllCampgrounds, we got started looking at the thrilling and often challenging world of river rafting. Now that we know the basics of finding a river and a raft – and that you don’t have to bring Jean-Claude Van Damme along to safely work your way through a beginner river – it’s time to look at some basic techniques for navigating that current.

Tips and Tricks for Your First Rafting Trip

Get informed before you go: Not all campsites are right for rafting, but there are thousands of camp grounds around the U.S. and Canada that offer guided trips downriver. For your very first trip out without a guide, you definitely want to select a camp that focuses on its rafting as a main feature, even if only to find out from experienced rafters what kind of challenges you might face around the bend. In many places, you can get handy river guidebooks to study, too. (more…)

July 27, 2010

AllCampgrounds Outdoor Adventures: Getting Started in River Rafting

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River rafting on a quiet day

River rafting on a quiet day
Photo by: alpeviolen (Stock Exchange)

Millions of people go camping around the U.S. every year, and we all have our favorite things to do outdoors. Some of the best tent camping anywhere is found on lakes and rivers, and getting out on the water can really help you enjoy camping to the fullest: just take a look at your favorite angler, getting up at dawn to find the best fishing spot, and you know what I mean!

But fishing is serene and quiet … what if you want a little more action? If you’ve never been rafting before, you might have a “Hollywood” vision of white rapids and a buff Stephen Seagal-type navigating some dangerous jungle river – but the truth is, with a little preparation, anyone can enjoy rafting at a range of skill levels. Today’s AllCampgrounds will tell you all about it. (more…)

July 23, 2010

Camping the 50 States: Camping RV Resorts and RV Campgrounds in Idaho

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Myrtle Falls, Idaho

Myrtle Falls, Idaho
Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, all! Today’s AllCampgrounds finishes up our visit to Idaho.

We’ve seen some of the best public lands, including brilliant Shoshone Falls, and visited some amazing grounds for tenting.

Now let’s saddle up the old “coach” and find the best picks for RVs. Who knows where we’ll be headed to next? The outdoors is a big, big place!

Blue Lake RV Resort: Six miles south of Bonners Ferry, which serves as home to the beautiful waterfall pictured above, this northern Idaho RV resort offers six wide pull-through sites for the biggest RVs, as well as a large assortment of other RV and tent camping locales. Pull-throughs are equipped with 30 amp electric service and wireless access. There are also back-in and partial hook-up sites. A clubhouse free hot shower, fishing, swimming, and a range of other fun games and events are included. For hunters, be aware that this place is right in the heart of Idaho’s big game country! (more…)

July 21, 2010

Camping the 50 States: Tent Camping in Idaho

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Mountain lake in Idaho

Mountain lake of Idaho
Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker (Stock Exchange)

AllCampgrounds is glad to see you back for another camping extravaganza here on our blog.

We’re going to continue our trek through Idaho now, leaving Shoshone Falls and Snake River behind to uncover the secrets of the rest of this rugged and wonderful land.

As usual around here, we’ll give tent camping a go before we swing by some RV camp grounds in our next post. Remember, despite its clean-cut “nice state” image, Idaho is mountainous and serves as the gateway to six states and the Canadian province of British Columbia.

We could write a book on the terrific camping here, nevermind a post or three! (more…)

July 19, 2010

Camping Near Idaho’s Terrific Shoshone Falls

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Ranch entrance

Ranch entrance
Photo by: alpeviolen (Stock Exchange)

Thanks for dropping by AllCampgrounds!

I don’t know about you, but when I think of Idaho, the first thing that comes to mind is potatos. Imagine my surprise when, recently, a reader tipped me off to some excellent camp grounds around the state – and not a potato in sight

Idaho, in the Pacific Northwest, is something of a mystery to those who’ve never been there, but it has a rugged, unspoiled landscape great for backcountry camping, and some unexpected natural features. For example, Shoshone Falls, on the powerful Snake River, is actually 36 feet taller than world-famous Niagara! (more…)

July 15, 2010

AllCampgrounds Hiking Series: The Best U.S. Trails, Part 1

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Which way?

Which way?
Photo by: Cheryl Scott (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to your Internet “home on the range” here at AllCampgrounds. As part of our continuing series on the best in hiking, we’re going to hit the trail today and showcase some of the hottest places to go hiking nationwide. Many of these scenic and historic trails are situated convenient to tent camping, and a few are accessible near RV parks and campgrounds, so nobody is left out. The longest, best-maintained trails wend their way through both modern and primitive camp grounds, and include breathtaking scenery that non-hikers just won’t get a chance to enjoy. (more…)

July 13, 2010

AllCampgrounds Hiking Series: Lightning Safety on the Trail

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Lightning: Beautiful, deadly, and a real concern for hikers!

Lightning: Beautiful, deadly, and a real concern for hikers!
Photo by: Thomas Bush (Stock Exchange)

Welcome one and all to AllCampgrounds, where we’ve been learning all about hiking lately.

It’s a great activity that you can combine with tent camping, roughing it in primitive backcountry camp grounds, or just about any other visit to your local park.

No matter where you’re staying, though, the very first thing to be aware of is the weather: and if you’re in an area where lightning is possible, you know that it can whip up suddenly and unexpectedly.

Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe and sound, even if there’s a thunderstorm when you’re well along the trail. (more…)

July 9, 2010

An AllCampgrounds Quick and Dirty Guide to Hiking

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Evidence of beachfront hiking!

Evidence of beachfront hiking!
Photo by: Timo Balk (Stock Exchange)

Good to see you again at AllCampgrounds, your premier guide to camping on the web.

You know, in theory nothing could be simpler than hiking: at heart, it’s just walking, set in someplace fun and interesting to be.

Just about all campsites have some kind of hiking opportunity, whether it’s a full-fledged nature trail, a nearby mountain, or a landscaped pathway around the camp grounds.

But as simple as it seems, if you’ve never hiked before or you’re new to camping the best hiking trails, there are a few things you should know.

And, naturally, AllCampgrounds is here to give you the inside scoop. (more…)

July 7, 2010

AllCampgrounds State Park Spotlight: Baxter, Machias River, and More

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A dock full of dinghies in Maine

A dock full of dinghies in Maine
Photo by: Gregory Runyan (Stock Exchange)

Greetings, campers!

Rounding out our voyage through the charming state of Maine, AllCampgrounds turns to the greatest public parks and their offerings for tent camping and RV camping.

We already discussed Acadia National Park a bit in a previous post; it’s probably the best-known parkland in the state, and encompasses a lot of what campers value in Maine …

But it’s definitely not all!

All campsites have something unique to bring to the table, so here are a few other wonderful public spaces for you to consider.


July 5, 2010

Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

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Camping the 50 States: RV Camping in Maine

The coast of Portland, Maine
Photo by: vanora (Stock Exchange)

In yesterday’s AllCampgrounds, we started to explore the best campgrounds in Maine, a unique camping area that stands at the crossroads of Canada and the northeastern United States.

We’ve rustled up some awesome places for tent camping, so it’s time to forge ahead and talk about RV parks and campgrounds, camping RV resorts, and other topics near and dear to our friends who camp on wheels.


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