Camping the 50 States Series: RV Camping Texas

March 30, 2010
Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon, near Amarillo, Texas
Photo by: Deborah Finnell (Stock Exchange)

Morning, all, and welcome back to the AllCampgrounds blog.

So far, we’ve seen California and Wyoming in our wanderings across this great nation. Now we’re headed south a piece to visit a state with some really BIG camp grounds: Texas, where they do everything big!

For our first trip through, I want to focus on RV camping Texas, a popular topic for visitors and state residents alike. Naturally, once we’ve taken a good look at that, we’ll hit on tent camping and other topics in the Lone Star State. Let’s saddle up!

It’d be a pretty tall order to count up all campsites in the state of Texas, but at last estimate there were over 200 options for RV camping Texas, not even counting all the different sites that cater to other kinds of camping. That said, we can still cover a good number of the top RV camps by checking out some of Texas’ major metro zones. Texas’ three biggest cities, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, are also home to some of the best RV camping around. (Don’t worry, Austin – we’ll getcha next time!)


Lake View RV Resort: A surprisingly affordable RV resort offering full 15-50 amp hookups, water, phone, and a slew of luxury features: for example, swimming pool, jacuzzi and a gym. As the name suggests, there’s also a lake for fishing. With great options for RV rental and long-term stays, it’s a good pick if you’re planning to hang around a while! Also check out their sister site, All Star RV, which you can find a little ways west of Lake View.

Advanced RV Park: Situated south of Houston, it offers extra spacious 65×34 pull-through sites as well as 35×26 back-in sites. With full internet, barbecue, dog runs, and a swimming pool, among other great features, there’s something for everyone here. The roads and sites are fully concrete, and Advanced is especially “advanced” when it comes to disability access: according to the site, all facilities are friendly to the handicapped. Advanced is centrally located for Christa V. Adair National Park and Tom Bass Regional Park.


Destiny RV: A lot of good camps have certain features, but Destiny really takes it to the next level. It boasts some of the largest campsites in Texas and wireless internet you can access freely from anywhere in the camp. There’s a six-acre sports field, and it’s just about as safe as can be with 24-hour security. RV need a spit shine? Take it on over to the wash, which also accepts cars and trucks.

Plantation Place RV Park: Only five miles east of Dallas, this park really seems like it’s a world away. Since it has its own 40 acres, complete with a 5-acre private lake, you can’t beat it for a convenient location that still offers the peace and quiet of the countryside. Lake Ray Hubbard, a great locale for fishing big-mouth bass, is only a short distance away and offers over 21,000 acres of fishing and boating splendor.

San Antonio

Admiralty RV Resort: You know, with a name like this, you really have to deliver something cool – and if you’re planning a trip for the whole family, this place does. Claiming to be Texas’ “highest rated RV resort”, it offers free HBO, free Wi-Fi, and plenty of sports and recreational facilities for adults and kids (there are even two pet playgrounds so Spot doesn’t feel left out.) A complimentary shuttle runs direct to Sea World.

Pecan Park Campground: For hours of fun on the San Marcus River, how can you beat Pecan Park? If you enjoy fishing, boating, and tubing, not to mention regular ol’ swimming, this is the place to be in southern Texas. Plus, the humidity is notoriously low around here, meaning you’ll never be rained out during your stay. If you feel like a change of pace once you arrive, there are also fully equipped camping cabins on offer.

Hope this little guide gives you an idea of the fun that RV camping Texas has in store, not to mention its amazing versatility. I often talk about how camping can connect you to the wilderness as it was for the old-time settlers, but you know what? Combining Texas’ rivers and prairies with your trusty RV, you really can have the best of both worlds. And that’s something else!

It’s time to hit the trail, but who knows where we’ll be a-wandering in the next installments of AllCampgrounds? Don’t forget to stop by!

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