Camping for Everyone: Business Owners

April 12, 2010
Camping near Woods Canyon Lake in northern Arizona

Woods Canyon Lake in N. Arizona
Photo by: Margaux Sherman (Stock Exchange)

“Camping for Everyone” is a new feature here on the AllCampgrounds blog, intended to help spread the joys of camping to folks who have special concerns or interests in the outdoors.

Though not all campsites are for everybody, there are great camping experiences to be had no matter your level of wilderness savvy; this series will highlight tips and tricks for those outside the “hardcore” camping demographic.

Your Business Doesn’t Stop When You Go Outdoors

If you’re a small or mid-size business owner, you know that you can’t just get up and go out into the woods whenever you want. You are the show; once you’re gone, the show stops. How can you balance your responsibilities with your urge to commune with the wild, and still get maximum enjoyment out of your trip? Here are some thoughts.

First and foremost, try to schedule time when you can unplug. It might go without saying, but I know there are some real workaholics out there (I’m one of them!) so I’ll emphasize: If you possibly can, you’ll have a much better experience if you can schedule time to really can focus on relaxing and being present in the moment. The same is true of camp grounds or luxury hotels. But if you really can’t …

Be aware that many camp grounds offer WiFi. I’ve made plenty of jokes about this in the past, but it’s true that many, though not all campsites offer fairly good quality wireless internet service. You can schedule time to check your email or take care of other common tasks that way, assuming you have a laptop (if you don’t have one, get one; it complicates airports a little, but you’ll be glad you have one after you’ve enjoyed a few trips you “just don’t have time for.”)

To find camp grounds with quality WiFi worldwide, check Camp Wireless.

Know that there are cool camping gadgets for just about anything. You shouldn’t go far into the country without some basic wilderness knowledge, of course; but if your goal is to “get there fast, then take it slow”, rubbing two sticks together might not be for you. That’s okay! Mankind has risen to nature’s challenges for thousands of years using one important element: our tools. And the newest firesteel is just as good as fire-by-friction; heck, my friend the former Eagle Scout tells me today’s Boy Scouts use these.

Pare down your duties to the minimum; delegate or wait on everything else. If you’re a one-person show, there’s not much delegating you can do. But before you bring a laptop on a trip, check your phone plan. Will it cover you where you’re headed? If not, or if roaming might be a problem, dump your expensive iPhone for a day and go with a basic pre-paid phone geared to the area you’ll be visiting. This can also help keep you safe, without the temptation to act like you’ve moved your office into the woods for a week. And that means you’ll get much more satisfaction from your journey.

There are campsites around the country and the continent to suit every taste, and AllCampgrounds is here to help you find them. If you’ve got an experience to share, don’t hesitate to leave a comment. “Camping for Everyone” will continue soon, along with our usual slew of great reviews, tips, and information. Thanks for reading!

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