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May 13, 2011

Camping for Everyone: An Intro to “Glamping”

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Love nature, but not looking to “rough it?” Glamping may be for you
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Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

Today’s continuation of the “Camping for Everyone” series will shine a spotlight on “glamorous” camping destinations and the style of high fashion camping called “glamping.”

Thinking about camping, most folks might envision the traditional campfire get together – or, perhaps less enticingly, the idea of “roughing it” with hardcore survival skills, far from civilization. (That’s what we would call “primitive camping,” by the way, and there’s an article for that, too.)

Well, if neither of these appeal to you, you might enjoy the opposite of primitive camping – glamping. (more…)

May 6, 2011

How to Get “Anyone” Camping With AllCampgrounds’ Signature Series

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Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!

Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!
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Welcome back to AllCampgrounds! The weather is heating up, and we hope you’ve been enjoying your local camp grounds and RV parks so far! Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about how to save gas on camping trips and revealed that camping makes you happier. We also talked about budget cuts at national parks and how you can help your local tent camping grounds and RV parks to keep kicking. This time around, I want to review one of AllCampground’s special features, “Camping for Everyone,” that can help you come up with unique camping ideas to suit the tastes of your whole group. (more…)

August 30, 2010

Camping For Everyone: “Primitive” Campers

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Not quite the setting for primitive camping!

Not quite the setting for primitive camping!
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In today’s conclusion to our Camping For Everyone series, we discuss “primitive” camping. While most of our posts on this theme have been for newcomers to tent camping, primitive camping is advanced; it literally means camping in the wilderness in an area that hasn’t been settled or prepared for it. Most primitive camping takes place in large national and state parks, but far from established camp grounds. Though primitive camping isn’t the same as going back to cave days, it does mean going “off the grid” and exercising serious camping skills. (Sorry, RV campers – most RV resorts and campgrounds don’t offer the primitive experience!) (more…)

June 29, 2010

Camping for Everyone: Technology Enthusiasts and Smartphone Owners

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An indispensable camping tool? It could be!

An indispensable camping tool?
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Greetings from AllCampgrounds!

You know, while writing for this blog I’ve made my fair share of jokes about the free wireless internet trend at camp grounds everywhere you look – but this time, I’m going to “flip the script” and talk about how you can use your smartphone to enhance your camping experience.

No fooling; while I still don’t think it’s quite as fun to bring a laptop on a camping trip, I recently became the owner of a fancy mobile phone that seems like it can do just about anything.

And since free WiFi is the norm in so many natural spaces nowadays, including RV parks and campgrounds, KOA sites, and even state parks, your super phone can help you do some great things even out in the wilderness.


May 4, 2010

Camping for Everyone: Writers and Artists

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An inspiring view from Davis Canyon, Utah

An inspiring view from Davis Canyon, Utah
Photo by: Erik Marr (Stock Exchange)

Hello, everybody, and welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

In this continuation to our “Camping for Everyone” series, we’ll talk about camping opportunities especially for writers and artists. Now, this might seem a little odd at first; why can’t these folks go camping anywhere? And, of course, they can. But one of our goals is to show non-campers that “special” camping experience for them, one that can help them proudly say that camping is a hobby. For those with a creative spirit, that opportunity is waiting! (more…)

April 26, 2010

Camping for Everyone: Children

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A tent: home away from home?

A tent: home away from home?
Photo by: Ben C. (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, campers! Today on AllCampgrounds we continue our “Camping for Everyone” series with a look at the group that can be some of camping’s toughest customers: children. If you’re a life-long camper, you may be used to roughing it and want your children to appreciate the beauty of nature; but just how to go about it in a media-saturated world where young teens and adolescents send thousands of text messages a month? It can be done! Our handy guide will have your kids camping quick. (more…)

April 12, 2010

Camping for Everyone: Business Owners

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Camping near Woods Canyon Lake in northern Arizona

Woods Canyon Lake in N. Arizona
Photo by: Margaux Sherman (Stock Exchange)

“Camping for Everyone” is a new feature here on the AllCampgrounds blog, intended to help spread the joys of camping to folks who have special concerns or interests in the outdoors.

Though not all campsites are for everybody, there are great camping experiences to be had no matter your level of wilderness savvy; this series will highlight tips and tricks for those outside the “hardcore” camping demographic.


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