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May 6, 2011

How to Get “Anyone” Camping With AllCampgrounds’ Signature Series

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Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!

Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!
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Welcome back to AllCampgrounds! The weather is heating up, and we hope you’ve been enjoying your local camp grounds and RV parks so far! Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about how to save gas on camping trips and revealed that camping makes you happier. We also talked about budget cuts at national parks and how you can help your local tent camping grounds and RV parks to keep kicking. This time around, I want to review one of AllCampground’s special features, “Camping for Everyone,” that can help you come up with unique camping ideas to suit the tastes of your whole group.

So far, we’ve featured …

Primitive Campers: Primitive camping is all about getting out to the “backcountry” where few amenities are available and shelters often rely on natural conditions. Backcountry campers tend to have highly developed outdoor survival skills, and a successful trip out to the backcountry relies on proper planning. Know yourself and your camp grounds well, and this can be some of the most rewarding camping experiences!

Tech Enthusiasts: More and more tent camping areas are including complimentary Wi-Fi access, and this has been a common feature around RV parks and campgrounds for a while. This means tech savvy smartphone and tablet owners can use their favorite apps to enhance their trip: check the weather, find the right trail, even identify the local wildlife with a point and click. If unplugging to camp sounds like a nightmare, you now have plenty of ways to improve your camping with technology!

Writers and Artists: If you’re the creative type, you’ll find that camping has long been a pastime for writers and artists who want to get together in a quiet, supportive place to do their thing in good company. “Writing retreats” typically include modest cabins for shelter and provide picturesque views, trails, and lakes to help inspire you. There may be scheduled activities like readings and workshops, and famous authors have been known to attend retreats to provide one-on-one encouragement.

Business Owners: If you really want to go camping, but you can’t set aside the day-to-day responsibilities of your small or home-based business, complimentary Wi-Fi might be only step one. If you need access to a printer, fax machine, or other amenities, look for a camping area with a “business center” – or one that’s associated with a hotel or resort where you can make infrequent trips to get the latest info from back home.

Children: Kids love lots of fun stuff to do: camping pie, hay rides, bonfires, and all the other traditional events we associate with all campsites. One of the best places to ensure a safe, varied, and social experience for young children is to check out your local Kampgrounds of America. This is a highly respected, family-oriented franchise with tight quality controls, and KOAs often feature a terrific mix of outdoorsy amenities and ultra-modern conveniences, including fully stocked cabins with “everything.” Check out the KOA campground directory in that post to find the Kampgrounds nearest you.

Glampers: Our next installment will focus on “glamping,” luxury camping for those who want a “glamorous” outdoor experience in some of the most picturesque international locales. Glamping is popular with eco-tourists and jetsetters, and is about as far from “primitive” camping as you can get. Here at AllCampgrounds, we believe there’s no “wrong” way to camp, as long as you stay safe and respect nature. So tune in next time for a little more on this unique camping phenomenon.

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  1. I first stated tent camping when my 3 kids were young. They are gown adults now. Seems like about the time they all left home I got a used popup camper. They claim I did it on pupose. (smile) Really, I didn’t..they got to enjoy it a bit too. Now I’m maried to a wonderful man who got us a used RV a couple of years ago. Time has passed and so has my healoth. I have a bad back and can hadly walk. We ae on a fixed income and we need a study scooter. They ae so expensive I don’t we will be able to get one.It saddens me because we both are fighing and camping enthusiast. So the moral of the story is start early in life while you still can.

    Comment by Patty — June 16, 2011 @ 9:03 pm

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