Camping for Everyone: An Intro to “Glamping”

May 13, 2011

Love nature, but not looking to “rough it?” Glamping may be for you
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Today’s continuation of the “Camping for Everyone” series will shine a spotlight on “glamorous” camping destinations and the style of high fashion camping called “glamping.”

Thinking about camping, most folks might envision the traditional campfire get together – or, perhaps less enticingly, the idea of “roughing it” with hardcore survival skills, far from civilization. (That’s what we would call “primitive camping,” by the way, and there’s an article for that, too.)

Well, if neither of these appeal to you, you might enjoy the opposite of primitive camping – glamping.

“Glamping” is camping without roughing it. Luxury tents and cabins are the norm for glampers, who stay at campsites being called “the hip hotels of camping.”Even Wall Street Journal – not a publication one usually associates with camping tips – informs business mavens that Glamping: Its Time Is Coming. That’s some endorsement! AllCampgrounds believes everybody should get to enjoy the outdoors in the way that’s right for them, just as long as everyone is respectful of nature; so here are some resources to get started.

Now, be aware that glamping is still largely a UK phenomenon, and there are a lot of international campsites and camp grounds offering “glam” accommodations, but not as many in the U.S. as one might expect. Glamping Girl is a good place to start for glamping tips and some local and global campsites. Go Glamping is the source for information in the United Kingdom, though it also has many U.S. and mainland properties in its directory. Many Kampgrounds of America franchises also offer fully stocked cabins and what many would consider glamorous camping accommodations: check the KOA campground directory to find a KOA in your area.

The Today Show’s Luxury Travel guide highlights Top 10 Luxury Camping Trips, including global and local picks. Among these is The Resort at Paws Up, in Montana. There’s also Global Expeditions, likewise based in Montana, which provides a full complement of seasonal luxury camping properties and private campsites adjacent to major national parks. Of course, not all campsites will be set up for glamping, but with more people getting involved in glamping, maybe it’s only a matter of time before campers can choose freely between “roughing it” and all the comforts of home for their camping vacation. So far, the Great Plains is emerging as the States’ premier glamping region!

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