Can Camping Get Even GREENER! KoA Thinks So!

May 20, 2011
Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...

Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...
Photo by: Christa Richert (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, and welcome to AllCampgrounds!

You may think you can’t get any “greener” — more environmentally friendly, that is — than camping. All campsites offer an opportunity to enjoy nature most of us just don’t get in our day to day lives.

And, of course, hardcore tent campers and backcountry explorers know that “leave no trace” is the order of the day.

Heck, RV campers can run their rigs on electric or solar to make them more earth-friendly!

So, how can camping get even “greener?”

Here’s a terrific new idea from Kampgrounds of America …

Herkimer Diamond Mines, in Herkimer, New York, is one of the most beloved Kampgrounds of America franchises active today. As recently as 2009, it was named the number one KOA campsite in all of North America! “Herkimer Diamonds” are quartz crystals that strongly resemble “real” diamonds, and they’re found throughout a tri-county area of New York, as well as in Tibet and other far-flung places.

Campers who visit the Herkimer area eagerly prospect for these little wonders, which are nearly five hundred million years old! Now, it’s easy to talk up Herkimer KOA — you should definitely visit there, and I plan to do the same soon! But there’s something special here for eco-conscious campers, and it’s one of a kind.

Herkimer’s Solar Lodge, known as KOA Solar 1, might be the greenest thing outside of pure tent camping. The lodge is completely powered by solar panels, with a backup propane generator that only runs in inclement weather. Recycled and earth-friendly materials have been used from floor to ceiling: for example, the roof is recycled metal. Heck, even the pillows are made from recycled plastic bottle material (and yes, they do feel like pillows.) As the website says, “it’s like roughing it in a vacation home!”

Check out the official Solar Lodge flier for an amazing point-by-point breakdown of the features. In addition to enjoying all the camping activities of the Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA, you can live completely “off the grid” and even farm your own organic vegetables. Though the Lodge has only just celebrated its first birthday (it was inaugurated on May 3, 2010) it is already one of the most popular camp grounds in the area. Rates run $185 per night this camping season, so drop by soon to make your shade of green a little greener.

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