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June 17, 2011

AllCampgrounds Best Places for Summer Camping, Part 1: KoA

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Outside Colorado Springs

Outside Colorado Springs
Photo by: Marina Nisi (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds! The camping season is officially in full swing: have you hit the trail yet? Whether you’re into tent camping, primitive camping, or the RV life, it’s the time of year to get out and enjoy. AllCampgrounds is going to help you do it by showcasing some of the best parks and camp grounds around North America for this summer. To begin with, we check in with everyone’s favorite camping franchise, Kampgrounds of America. Here are our picks for this summer … (more…)

May 20, 2011

Can Camping Get Even GREENER! KoA Thinks So!

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Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...

Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...
Photo by: Christa Richert (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, and welcome to AllCampgrounds!

You may think you can’t get any “greener” — more environmentally friendly, that is — than camping. All campsites offer an opportunity to enjoy nature most of us just don’t get in our day to day lives.

And, of course, hardcore tent campers and backcountry explorers know that “leave no trace” is the order of the day.

Heck, RV campers can run their rigs on electric or solar to make them more earth-friendly!

So, how can camping get even “greener?”

Here’s a terrific new idea from Kampgrounds of America … (more…)

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