AllCampgrounds Gears Up for Winter Camping! Part 1 …

October 21, 2011
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Find that aurora!

Find that aurora!
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It’s only October, but tent campers know that the best way to get the prime spots at many parks and campgrounds is to plan ahead; and if you’re feeling adventurous this winter, then it’s always best to be prepared!

Yes, while winter sees many camp grounds around the U.S. close down for the season, there are always those that stay open year round. The intrepid tent camper can also look for backcountry adventures – only for the outdoors expert, of course!

Today, AllCampgrounds will review some nifty sites on the web for those who plan to brave the cold and enjoy some winter camping this year.

Winter Camping and Backpacking: From REI’s impressive (and growing!) roster of expert advice comes a great general overview of camping in the snow. You’ll get a big boost from the pre-trip checklist and detailed advice on the best clothing for a cold weather excursion. Also includes a winter camping checklist that’s indispensable for making sure you don’t leave anything out. If you’ve never done any winter camping before, check this first; you won’t regret it, and if there are any areas where you need a little more detail, you can always supplement this guide with another one, such as …

Outdoor Action Guide to Winter Camping: Covering both basic and intermediate topics, this guide goes into a bit more detail on subjects that REI leaves out. You don’t have to know all there is to know about winter camping to do it, but it does have its own special challenges (and potential dangers!) so additional sections on food, winter water, avalanches, snowshoeing, and winter rescue will go a long way toward rounding out your knowledge. Concerned about the fundamentals? You’ll also learn how to properly set up a campsite in winter and maintain your tent. Great for backcountry campers.

Winter Campers: WinterCampers.com is the leading site and community on the internet for people who relish the unique sights and challenges of winter camping. There are a slew of truly intriguing things here, from a huge archive of articles down to a webcam of the Adirondacks, videos, a blog, gear reviews, and tons more. If you want to know everything there is to know about cold-weather camping, and connect with plenty of others who are invigorated by the cold, this is the hub. Even if it doesn’t make your day, you might find it a good place to get your burning questions on the subject answered.
Next time on AllCampgrounds, we’ll be sharing a list of camping destinations all around the U.S. and Canada known for providing exceptional cold-weather and winter camping opportunities. Until then, stay warm, and we’ll see you next Friday.

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