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September 30, 2011

AllCampground October News and Autumn Camping Special

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Autumn is another beautiful time for camping!

Autumn is another beautiful time for camping!
Photo by: Tamasila Mihai (Stock Exchange)

The sweltering heat of the summer is over just about everywhere, but it’s not quite winter yet.

At AllCampgrounds that means it’s time to look at some of the best autumn camping opportunities.

Plus, this is the start of a new month, which means it’s also time for us to pop through the latest camping headlines and share the best in news for tent camping and RVing.

Let’s hit the trail and see what we can find this week. (more…)

September 23, 2011

AllCampgrounds: Some Tips for Kid-Friendly Fun Around the Campfire

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Gather ‘round the campfire for some fun ideas!

Gather ‘round the campfire for some fun ideas!
Photo by: Cody Mummau (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds, your home for camping fun on the web!

Everyone here loves camping, and what could be more iconic than the campfire?

If you’ve got a camping trip coming up where you want to help kids unplug, unwind, and have some good old-fashioned camping fun, the campfire is your best friend.

It’s magical, it’s mysterious, and there are a whole bunch of terrific things you can do around it.

Now, through the wonder of the internet, AllCampgrounds will help you put a new spin on some old favorites.

Gather ‘round, tent campers, and let’s get cracking! (more…)

September 16, 2011

AllCampgrounds: Some Big News for RV Campers in September!

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Pinhoti Trail Marker at Talladega National Forest

Pinhoti Trail Marker at Talladega National Forest
Photo by: Jonathan Kendrick (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds, camping fans and nature lovers!

In today’s special post, we’re going to explore some news for RV campers.

When it comes to RVing, the community is just as good at moving fast as it is at taking its own pace, and there are a lot of exciting events, ideas, and RV camping opportunities out there that we’d like to share with you!

More tent camping and great ideas about fun in the outdoors in next week’s post.

For now, let’s join the convoy and roll on! (more…)

September 9, 2011

AllCampgrounds Outdoor Adventures: Astronomy While Camping

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Starry night sky

Starry night sky
Photo by: magicmarie (Stock Exchange)

Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

For the next few weeks we’ll explore some fun things to do while tent camping.

You don’t need fancy camp grounds to enjoy stargazing while you’re out at night, and in many places, parks and camp grounds far from the city lights are the best places to see the wonders the night sky holds.

As you can see from the Astronomy Events Calendar, there are plenty of “star parties” and great stargazing opportunities coming up throughout the year, and many are in the vicinity of terrific camp grounds!

Here’s a little information on how to get started with astronomy on your camping trips. (more…)

September 2, 2011

AllCampgrounds’ Summer Special: More on Winter Camping Where it’s Warm

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Spanish coast by moonlight

Spanish coast by moonlight
Photo by: Mehdi Lebbadi (Stock Exchange)

Here at AllCampgrounds, we usually stick to exploring the awesome tent camping and RV lifestyle opportunities here in North America, and we love the national park system.

But here we are, with the peak of summer behind us, in September: the month when some of the nation’s major parks and camp grounds will start to scale back or shut down.

In many places, it gets too cold to camp in winter.

So, what’s a savvy tent camping enthusiast to do?

Every once in a while, it’s a good time to explore camping overseas: and that’s how we’ll spend today’s visit, with more on warm weather camping abroad. (more…)

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