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August 12, 2011
North gate to Yellowstone National Park

North gate to Yellowstone National Park
Photo by: Michael Swanson

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds!

Whether you’re an RVer or enjoy tent camping, most folks know that Yellowstone National Park was America’s first national park; and there’s a special mystique and grandeur about this place that really captures the imagination.

No surprise that out of all the parks and camp grounds out there in the U.S., Yellowstone has a special place in the hearts of AllCampground followers.

So, in today’s visit AllCampgrounds will be catching up on the latest news from the “granddaddy” of all national parks in all its 2.2 million acre glory.

It’s not too late to visit for the summer season, and we hope to give you a few more reasons why you should.

Yellowstone National Park Gets 900,000 Visitors in July: July is the peak season for Yellowstone, and it’s been raking in record breaking numbers lately, especially among hikers and tent camping enthusiasts. In fact, the park has hit an important milestone: the second-highest monthly visitor total since July 1872, when the park first opened. That means interest in Yellowstone is as high now as it was when it was brand new!

Scope of Yellowstone River Oil Spill May Grow: Now, this is bad news and you might wonder why it’s a reason to go to Yellowstone. But as those of us on the Gulf Coast know, it takes a lot of work for a body of water to recover after an oil spill! Direct volunteer participation in the spill cleanup efforts is still limited, but you can show your support by visiting the Park and taking part in other activities, such as …

Volunteers Sought to Do Trail Work in Yellowstone: A night of free tent camping is available to a small selection of 20 lucky volunteers who will do about seven hours of work at Yellowstone this September 24, installing water bars to improve trail conditions n the Clear Lake-Ribbon Lake Loop Trail in the Canyon area. It will be hard work, requiring tools and carrying heavy loads at high altitudes. On the plus side, you’ll get the chance to make your mark on Yellowstone on National Public Lands Day, and receive a free entrance coupon. Interested parties can inquire by phone or email.

Official Yellowstone Park News: Go right to the source for official news from Yellowstone including weather, trail conditions, animal events, camp ground information, and other facts to serve you well on a Yellowstone camping trip. Always check this out before you make plans to venture into the backcountry!

Bearman’s Yellowstone Adventures: Bearman is an experienced tour guide who specializes in Yellowstone Park excursions. He got his name from his terrific bear viewing tours, but he can also help you find wolves and other beautiful Yellowstone creatures – providing the background and precautions you need to enjoy these animals safely. Even if you’re not up for a tour, Bearman provides a slew of free resources for all Yellowstone visitors – and he’s been doing it since 1996.

AllCampgrounds News Alerts: Top Camping News for August 2011

August 5, 2011
Laguna Ridge Trail, California

Laguna Ridge Trail, California
Photo by: dlockeretz (Stock Exchange)

It’s good to see you back again at AllCampgrounds.

As you know, this is the place to be for tent camping, RV parks and campgrounds, and just about anything to do with the camping life: whether you want to go camping quick, make a camping pie, or even find the “camping bathroom.”

No surprise, then, that whether RVing or tent camping is more your style, you’ll find something to smile about in this latest round of news from around the camping community.

Climb aboard the AllCampgrounds hay wagon and let’s go! (more…)

RV Camping Special: More on “Advanced” Camping for Big Rigs

July 29, 2011
Is this your rig’s next stop?

Is this your rig’s next stop?
Photo by: Ginger Garvey (Stock Exchange)

In last week’s AllCampgrounds blog, we introduced “boondocking,” low-cost camping opportunities for RVers. This time we’ll be looking at a few more unusual RV camping opportunities that even the pros might not know about. There’s always something new to do with your RV, and at AllCampgrounds, our goal is to keep camping fun for everyone. So let’s check out some specialty RV camping opportunities you won’t hear about anywhere else. All aboard for RV parks and campgrounds! (more…)

Specialty Camping for RV Enthusiasts, Part 1: Boondocking

July 22, 2011
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Camping ... it’s out there!

Camping ... it’s out there!
Photo by: Victor Zuydweg (Stock Exchange)

Today’s AllCampgrounds blog will explore what we might call “advanced” RV camping.

Even with RV parks and campgrounds dotting the landscape all around North America, there are a few unusual RV camping opportunities that even seasoned campers might not know much about.

For this post, AllCampgrounds will be shining a light on one of the more intriguing, less well known styles of RV camping, to really give you an idea of how versatile your rig can be.

Yes, today’s AllCampgrounds adventure is all about boondocking! (more…)

AllCampgrounds News Alerts: The Best Camping News for July 2011

July 15, 2011
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River eddy in the Missouri River Photo by:
Robert Linder (Stock Exchange)

Hello and welcome to AllCampgrounds!

This week, we’ll be sharing some great camping news for all you tent camping and RV camping enthusiasts.

The summer camping season still has a lot of life left in it, so this won’t be all!

We’ll return to our usual (and unusual) coverage of the best RV parks and campgrounds, tent camping parks, and other top quality camping destinations next go around.

But for now, it’s time for news: AllCampgrounds has you covered with the very latest on the camping scene. (more…)

RV Parks and Campgrounds for the Best Summer Camping, Part 2

July 8, 2011
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Sunset at St. Andrew’s Park, Florida

Sunset at St. Andrew’s Park, Florida
Photo by: Karen Jaros (Stock Exchange)

A big hello from AllCampgrounds!

This week’s post continues our trek to show you the greatest RV parks and campgrounds for authentic summer season camping.

We have new resources and information to share since the last time we checked out RV camp grounds, so let’s rev things up and get started.

And don’t forget: if you have a tip or a favorite place for RV parks camping, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment and let us know! (more…)

RV Parks and Campgrounds for the Best Summer Camping, Part 1

July 1, 2011
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Ready to hit the trail for more summer camping fun?

Ready to hit the trail for more summer camping fun?
Photo by: Mike Newman (Stock Exchange)

Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

Just like we promised last week, today’s journey is all about RV parks and campgrounds.

RVers can find awesome camping conditions just about any time of the year, of course, but it’s all about finding the right camp grounds for your style.

Let’s beat the heat or enjoy the burn at some great summery destinations for big rig campers! (more…)

AllCampgrounds Best Places for Summer Camping, Part 2: National Parks

June 24, 2011
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Crater Lake in the spring

Crater Lake in the spring
Photo by Mary Ellen Rynes (Stock Exchange)

Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

Today’s visit will bring us through some of the best national parks to enjoy camping in the summer season.

Last time, we highlighted KoA camp grounds, so it’s only natural we turn our attention this time to some great public lands, many allowing you to enjoy tent camping, cabins, and more.

RV parks and campgrounds will take the spotlight in our next post. (more…)

AllCampgrounds Best Places for Summer Camping, Part 1: KoA

June 17, 2011
Outside Colorado Springs

Outside Colorado Springs
Photo by: Marina Nisi (Stock Exchange)

Welcome back to AllCampgrounds! The camping season is officially in full swing: have you hit the trail yet? Whether you’re into tent camping, primitive camping, or the RV life, it’s the time of year to get out and enjoy. AllCampgrounds is going to help you do it by showcasing some of the best parks and camp grounds around North America for this summer. To begin with, we check in with everyone’s favorite camping franchise, Kampgrounds of America. Here are our picks for this summer … (more…)

AllCampgrounds July 4th Camping Special: 2011 Edition

June 10, 2011
Brilliant fireworks and camping opportunities abound ...

Brilliant fireworks and camping opportunities abound ...
Photo by: Eric Ortner (Stock Exchange)

Good morning!

It’s time for AllCampgrounds, and today we’ll be revealing some of the best tent camping and RV camping for one of the biggest camping events of the entire year.

Last year’s July 4th Camping Special brought us to Washington, D.C. and Atlanta.

There are awesome camp grounds to visit around the nation’s capital and all around the country.

Join AllCampgrounds for this whirlwind tour of Independence Day camping!


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