Camping the 50 States Series: Campgrounds Illinois

April 2, 2010
Could this be paradise?

Could this be paradise?
Photo by: Benjamin Earwicker (Stock Exchange)

Hello and good morning to all! Hope you’re ready and raring to go with more great camping info as we move on to a whole new frontier in campgrounds, Illinois.

This northern state is a little bit unusual in that almost three-fourths of the entire population lives in the northeast, principally around Chicago.

That leaves a great deal of this nearly 58,000 square mile landmass relatively sparse, and there are plenty of great places for tent camping, RV camping, and more dotted around the landscape. (more…)

Camping the 50 States Series: RV Camping Texas

March 30, 2010
Palo Duro Canyon

Palo Duro Canyon, near Amarillo, Texas
Photo by: Deborah Finnell (Stock Exchange)

Morning, all, and welcome back to the AllCampgrounds blog.

So far, we’ve seen California and Wyoming in our wanderings across this great nation. Now we’re headed south a piece to visit a state with some really BIG camp grounds: Texas, where they do everything big!

For our first trip through, I want to focus on RV camping Texas, a popular topic for visitors and state residents alike. Naturally, once we’ve taken a good look at that, we’ll hit on tent camping and other topics in the Lone Star State. Let’s saddle up! (more…)

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