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May 27, 2011

Beyond S’Mores & Camping Pie: Make Camping Delicious With Outdoor Cooking

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With a little practice, you can eat at camp just as good as home!

With a little practice, you can eat at camp just as good as home!
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Today’s AllCampgrounds aims to make your next camping trip tastier than ever.

Virtually all campsites offer a little in the way of cooking amenities, and when you head to your favorite camp grounds, there’s nothing keeping you from going beyond franks and beans to delicious food you’ll look forward to.

Not to look down on the mainstays, mind; but if you’re into classic tent camping, you can always make your trips more fun by adding variety to your camping meals.

Here’s a collection of recipe links for inspiration.

Campfire Cooking Tips : Topics include getting the most out of your Dutch oven, grilling and barbecuing tips and recipes, and some terrific recipes that kids will really enjoy, including no-bake cookies and one-minute pizza. Not quite your style? Try the Dutch oven lasagna for a more sophisticated treat.

Campfire Cooking at EarthEasy: Need a refresher on building and preparing your campfire before you cook? EarthEasy has you covered with this link, including step-by-step, illustrated instructions. But even the pros will have a mouth-watering treat here, with a variety of recipes for shishkebab, campfire potatos, and even beer-battered fish fillets! Don’t know about you, but I could go for that right now!

Dutch Oven Recipes for Campfire Cooking: Next time you head out to your favorite camp grounds, be sure to bring this list. With twenty recipes to suit all tastes, you’ll be amazed at just how versatile your simple, stalwart Dutch oven can really be. My favorite here? The one-pot tortilla breakfast. The baked salmon is pretty impressive, though. Also from this page, you can check out authentic “old west”-style recipes.

Campfire Cooking Recipes: A quick one, but a good one, especially for primitive campers who are planning to eat what they catch or hunt. Includes recipes for campfire trout, wild duck, grilled vegetables, and a fruit dessert using pears. There are some other interesting topics covered on the rest of the site, including backcountry camping tips and RV camping trip planning. Remember to have your fishing or hunting licenses in order!

Also note that if you head to YouTube, you can find a lot of videos including step-by-step instructions on campground cooking. This is a pretty good method, since it lets you see what’s going on and you can judge the end result for yourself! There are also plenty of great books on the subject, including Dutch oven, “on a stick,” and foil cooking with no pots or pans at all. Thanks for using AllCampgrounds, and we hope your next camping trip is delicious!

May 20, 2011

Can Camping Get Even GREENER! KoA Thinks So!

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Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...

Camping goes solar at Herkimer Diamond Mine KOA ...
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Good morning, and welcome to AllCampgrounds!

You may think you can’t get any “greener” — more environmentally friendly, that is — than camping. All campsites offer an opportunity to enjoy nature most of us just don’t get in our day to day lives.

And, of course, hardcore tent campers and backcountry explorers know that “leave no trace” is the order of the day.

Heck, RV campers can run their rigs on electric or solar to make them more earth-friendly!

So, how can camping get even “greener?”

Here’s a terrific new idea from Kampgrounds of America … (more…)

May 13, 2011

Camping for Everyone: An Intro to “Glamping”

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Love nature, but not looking to “rough it?” Glamping may be for you
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Welcome to AllCampgrounds!

Today’s continuation of the “Camping for Everyone” series will shine a spotlight on “glamorous” camping destinations and the style of high fashion camping called “glamping.”

Thinking about camping, most folks might envision the traditional campfire get together – or, perhaps less enticingly, the idea of “roughing it” with hardcore survival skills, far from civilization. (That’s what we would call “primitive camping,” by the way, and there’s an article for that, too.)

Well, if neither of these appeal to you, you might enjoy the opposite of primitive camping – glamping. (more…)

May 6, 2011

How to Get “Anyone” Camping With AllCampgrounds’ Signature Series

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Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!

Anyone can enjoy camping with help from AllCampgrounds!
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Welcome back to AllCampgrounds! The weather is heating up, and we hope you’ve been enjoying your local camp grounds and RV parks so far! Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked about how to save gas on camping trips and revealed that camping makes you happier. We also talked about budget cuts at national parks and how you can help your local tent camping grounds and RV parks to keep kicking. This time around, I want to review one of AllCampground’s special features, “Camping for Everyone,” that can help you come up with unique camping ideas to suit the tastes of your whole group. (more…)

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