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June 29, 2010

Camping for Everyone: Technology Enthusiasts and Smartphone Owners

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An indispensable camping tool? It could be!

An indispensable camping tool?
Photo by: Yasin Öztürk (Stock Exchange)

Greetings from AllCampgrounds!

You know, while writing for this blog I’ve made my fair share of jokes about the free wireless internet trend at camp grounds everywhere you look – but this time, I’m going to “flip the script” and talk about how you can use your smartphone to enhance your camping experience.

No fooling; while I still don’t think it’s quite as fun to bring a laptop on a camping trip, I recently became the owner of a fancy mobile phone that seems like it can do just about anything.

And since free WiFi is the norm in so many natural spaces nowadays, including RV parks and campgrounds, KOA sites, and even state parks, your super phone can help you do some great things even out in the wilderness.


June 25, 2010

AllCampgrounds Nature-Watching Series: Prairie Dogs

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Prairie dogs at rest

Prairie dogs at rest
Photo by: Thomas Ricks (Stock Exchange)

Today’s AllCampgrounds blog continues our hunt for the wildest, wackiest, most majestic, and most amazing wildlife you can see at parks and camp grounds around the country. So far, we’ve spotted bald eagles and followed the trail of the American bison, known far and wide as the buffalo. Now, we’ll drop in on nature’s latest TV star, the prairie dog. Prairie dogs are fascinating creatures with habits that have intrigued and enticed everyone from your average nature lover to documentary filmmakers. These manic little ground squirrels are private by nature, but there are some places perfect for getting a glimpse of them – and doing some prime tent camping while you’re at it. (more…)

June 23, 2010

An “Out of This World” Trip: Camping Around the Barringer Meteor Crater

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Barringer Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona

Barringer Crater near Flagstaff, Arizona
Photo by: Mike Gieson (Stock Exchange)

Good morning from AllCampgrounds!

In our effort to find the best camping trips around North America, we’ve gone above and beyond– literally. Today’s blog will show you around tent camping and RV camp grounds outside Flagstaff, Arizona, near the impact site of the Barringer Meteor.

This natural marvel “dropped in” from space some fifty thousand years ago, but its now-famous Crater was only studied intensively starting in the 1800s. Considered a “national natural landmark”, it’s a little under three-fourths of a mile around and almost 600 feet deep. It also serves as the backdrop for all kinds of camping! (more…)

June 21, 2010

AllCampgrounds Nature-Watching Series: Getting Started in Bird Watching

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The American bald eagle, a “rite of passage” for many bird watchers

The American bald eagle, a “rite of passage” for many bird watchers
Photo by: Rob Sylvan (Stock Exchange)

A while back on AllCampgrounds, we got started with a great new series where we’ll show you just where to go to enjoy some of nature’s most spectacular creatures while you enjoy your tent camping or RV camping vacations. We got started with some of the top camp grounds in the nation for seeing bald eagles and other rare and amazing birds, but there’s just one thing missing: a guide to getting started in this fascinating hobby. After all, everybody should be in on the fun. So, we’re going to talk Birding 101 today.


June 17, 2010

AllCampgrounds Nature-Watching Series: Where to Find Buffalo

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This buffalo is ready for his close-up

This buffalo is ready for his close-up
Photo by: Gabriela Pernecka (Stock Exchange)

One of the most iconic scenes of the American prairie is of the herd of buffalo, some of the most striking and powerful animals out of our shared heritage.

Buffalo, also known as American bison, are the largest land animals in North America and are exclusive to this continent.

In the Old West, the buffalo meant survival to frontier settlers; and as time went on, these giant creatures were nearly hunted to extinction for their meat and hide.

Luckily, the buffalo is one of nature’s great success stories, with a little help from concerned naturalists.

Today, there are camp grounds throughout the Midwest that offer prime opportunities to see the American bison live and in person. Let’s visit a few now. (more…)

June 15, 2010

AllCampgrounds Nature-Watching Series: The Best in Bird Watching

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The black-headed bunting, one of about 2,000 bird species in North America

The black-headed bunting, one of about 2,000 bird species in North America
Photo by: Akbar Nemati (Stock Exchange)

Today on AllCampgrounds, we embark on a whole new journey to find the best camp grounds for your nature-watching needs.

Just about everyone who loves camping loves to enjoy nature up close, and there’s no better way to enjoy it than a good, clear view of local wildlife you just can’t see day-to-day.

Of course, we all know that you’ve got to “leave no trace”, and nobody is better at this than experienced bird watchers. So, to get started, we’ll be picking out the best of all campsites for birding.


June 11, 2010

Camping the 50 States: Tent Camping in Louisiana

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One of Louisiana’s “lucky” blue herons

One of Louisiana’s “lucky” blue herons
Photo by: Pam Roth (Stock Exchange)

Howdy, AllCampgrounds fans! As promised, here’s a look at the best digs for tent camping around Louisiana.

Remember, all campsites throughout the state are currently open for business, so don’t be afraid to visit – you’ll be more than welcome! Last time, we did a whole slew of RV parks and campgrounds, so this time it’s on to tent camping.

And there are plenty of choices here, too!


June 9, 2010

Camping the 50 States: RV Parks and Campgrounds in Louisiana

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One of Louisiana’s iconic residents, the local gator

One of Louisiana’s iconic residents, the local gator
Photo by: Pam Roth (Stock Exchange)

Good morning, campers! In an earlier post here on AllCampgrounds, we discussed the ongoing oil spill situation in the Gulf states. As a Florida resident, this means a lot to me and so, I’d like shine the spotlight on some prime camp grounds around the Gulf, starting with Louisiana.

This state sure has overcome some troubles in the last few years, but the locals’ resilience, spirit, and humor has seen them through it all. And now, they could sure use a visit from all of us campers! Just to shake things up a bit, we’ll start with RV camp grounds.

Tent camping? You’ll get to see your home away from home next time!


June 7, 2010

Even More Discounts and Clubs For RV Camping Across North America

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Nice campers!

Nice campers!
Photo by: thebrownco (Stock Exchange)

In today’s economy, budgeting is more important than ever; but nobody wants to give up on camping fun in the great outdoors. Enter AllCampgrounds, devoted to helping you feed your passion for nature, come rain or shine!

Not all campsites offer discounts, but there’s an increasingly large and diverse number of discount organizations that can help you get your RV camping on at a great price. We covered a few of these in an earlier post, but there are a few more we just have to mention. (more…)

June 3, 2010

National Park Spotlight: Camping Near Mount Rushmore

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Mt. Rushmore

Mt. Rushmore
Photo by: Jaclyn Twidwell (Stock Exchange)

Thanks for dropping by AllCampgrounds! For years now, Mount Rushmore National Park has been the host of one of the greatest Fourth of July fireworks displays anywhere in the United States. And though that particular display is in doubt for 2010, there’s still no better place I can think of to spend the nation’s birthday than under the gaze of some of its most accomplished presidents, the man-made sculptural marvel that “put Rushmore on the map” and draws people to its amazing surroundings. Let’s talk Mount Rushmore! (more…)

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